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wealthy british soil. sometimes looks like this. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the reports on r.g.p. . six thirty pm here in moscow on friday you were going to see a quick summary now of the top stories i know but thirty countries including the u.s. officially recognize the you know rebel council as the governing authority of previous writing of the opals the capacity to give up power to recognition and will allow washington to spawn certain libyan rebels with money from put off these frozen assets in. the u.k. phone hacking scandal gathers pace forcing the chief executive of the group owned by the murdoch empire to quit meanwhile questions arise as to why it's taken so
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long to confront the crisis point police knowing about many of the allegations pretty. people take to the streets to protest against a looming cuts and it's really like his new country to be hit by the financial crisis that's just a part of it is said to approve a key austerity budget in an attempt to avert a bit. of those are the headlines here on out he will have a more not about a few minutes time but for now though it is all of these i'm not in andrew's are taking us on are about to so the venice of the north.
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hello and welcome to the program i want to think cheryl from st petersburg will be exploring that celeste allows the never ever i'm very small to transport also known as the venice of the north the ways of the focal points of the city during the summer months are a great way to see the whole of so. many a shipping space churches cathedrals museums are visible from the altar a canal trip to the store to stay in the city may be an ideal way of deciding to join the visit. it's the great scram vision of the city is to create a window to your. from a swampy scarcely populated region the area became a fine european capital. the soft bed of expensive the construction of lot of spouses on the banks of the countless channels cutting through the city since the great architects as first truly interested how to build a dream to large centuries later and as you can see in the smoke of modern day sleepiness but the old ways and bridges still dominates the northern capital
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perched on the price of the never river you can see how the city is set up in various islands crisscrossed by canals. recreate the whole atmosphere of a lake and venice of the north as they call centers for i think it's just amazing you can take a party boat down the river and they can all spend the night silence for a nice and if you want to feel a bit more to do something more special you can actually order both first out just for friends and skull out there and eat and drink and have a good time and still in your resellers for a living. a lot of. places. to look out for. the winter canals one of the most poetic coolest cold symptoms but it was described to alexander christian's famous queen of spades in the hole as
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a popular meeting place columbus the area is especially lovely when seen from the pool so when you sell an opposing costume look on the beach go karts the frames to been taken out magnificent like something movie sets. moving tonics location and hours of sight seeing standing on your feet can soon take its toll circus times per chance i'm pretty spot on point complex is in russia . opens in two thousand and eight it brings new concepts in five star hotels to the very center of st petersburg just a few steps from the river palace square and the haematologist popular with locals and visitors this is age she wrote therapy it's it's best when they are here to help or simply to relax the pool with its various hydrotherapy jets is simply to find. some to also close a number of solace ambani is turkish russian oafish combine dry steam in the west
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staircase there's even a single room to show consensus. it's a maritime color experience you fancy and ok no further the spectacular structure closing on the north shore of the never river is located near the peter and paul fortress often mistaken for an old deserted pirate ship instead the wooden ship offers the perfect place to relax makes a comment. next up with iraq. three cheers for the flying. high of restaurant. terrace here is just beautiful as impressive views of the never river. and the one thing i would recommend here for you out there that space. with a top floor restaurant and dance floor downstairs venue is popular with
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a large party groups and up to all your enjoyment when i turn off your dinner in the gym while the beach you call it can give you a make over. so what other water theme places can you visit in simpson is part of one of the historical symbols of russia's military fleet has been turned into a museum and stands proud and gives to the city's central impeachments the overall recruits that is one of the associated with the revolution of nine hundred seventeen and now the warship is besieged by thousands of tourists every year. is seeming with the first to raise the red plum isp like on the ship standing for the bullshit power of the cruise itself as witnessed many battles before i think of the main military ships of the baltic fleet. when the weather was hot and sunny there are many places in the city where you can enjoy beach will start to downtown
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st petersburg some day going on to some of the territory for the walls of the famous pizza empire fortress is a popular destination for those who are craving some some bathing speech time it's not recommended to swim in the waters of the river but it's still a particular a strange joy he checked him she's like fully pulled in the beautiful historical surroundings. the true bridges of st petersburg one of the main attractions in the city especially during the white night period. there are around twenty bridges across the never river to show raised during the night to get which a lot shifts. the cruise line is. the spectacular race stretches for drilling views especially much for tourists we just might make it's a must see. must be one must remember the times when the bridges all cool otherwise could be stuck on the two sides of the city.
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in my mind spirit is the perfect time to visit malaysian capital you can stroll along the ridges makes it much enjoying each morning from the buildings afflicting in the canals and the it's always wonderful to something much about the city. to discuss the magic of symphonies but that's nice the streets to. bless you love it to me you need to meet you know your originally from kid off where you've been living here for three years yeah exactly the same you must see a huge difference in the city between the summer and the woods a person exactly is interested he's like you know everybody's neighbor and everybody is on the look at their own shores and now in south america it's like rent as an israeli strike any everybody's smiling trying to smile. yes that's it i think one of the main symbols of some of the canals and waterways in the river behind us they really you know make the city come along its price and what it's
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really what what makes sense to just very special place because it's like the business and our friends i have also met this one and then you holland here as really popular like on the one time it's quite a kind of historic most time on the other hand disliking to the salmon what. the great had tens of thousands of soldiers you know build all the canals and waterways in the city while getting his it was be his but this was his purpose it was a quest to made a business rationale like being a piece of europe as a scientist virgie's i guess that you don't want your indian face. i mean i think you can walk around some parts of the city and it looks like our. so you could be in most cities your third eye was something like it but it also during the summer you know a boat trip is a fantastic way to see pauses in petersburg not just in the city but you've got you've got these walls as well and you've got you know actual tour of the fortress behind those gale force and like i guess that this is the kind of story expression i don't sense you just current plan you're trying to see this t.v. from the water and like almost the whole scene from that water yeah it's not like
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maybe in that they're starting very somewhere you can see they're like the sand there and and in other places you will see like every you can sense a lot that's you know everywhere that you see do it by my boat on by ferry you will see amazing amazing pieces of architecture right there and it seems well that there are some sports that take place on the river as well there are the different boats they believe in swimmers were closing up all souls right and and that like there in the first point is that you're going to have like a c.t. chest and basically you can reach it by metro and that's it you don't have to have a you know a three point two hours somewhere just half an hour or even into hard to see to the end of what race you can do it in a straight face was limited to you and i enjoy your time here in seville is about being. my final stop with the right time team partly to be sure to field trips i want to be away to the city in a private speedboat. we. navigate into the canal some easy ways on
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a place you see the city from the first. originally there were no bridges crossing the mighty never lived up to the house of mystery between fairy spike those were the main reasons why i should keep his privacy when the names of the various often do. this is just brilliant on the architecture here in st petersburg is justified and you can see the lovely home which was behind us but you don't see a private boat so while there are various companies in the city go off the trips around the never river on the canals the size of boat what is it depends on your body size and charge by the hour and many will include a guide to tell you. but. st petersburg was an incredible city throw in the spectacular architecture museums styling history and all reflecting in the shopping mall says it really is like something out of the fairy tale. piece of art to too much miss history having changed names several times in media as a cold city of growth and development things here partly getting better
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and with a ramp full house and outstanding individual monuments of architecture history and culture the rush is window to the west's maze where the world's most beautiful locations. waldo we've come and that's all the time we have on this expression about the peaceful waterways i'll say it is but i'll see you again at the same time next you can tell them for me and the rest of the group chat about. the. culture is that so much of a taxpayer is coming from a management position is a real mystery and a currency crisis european finance ministers central bankers and politicians remain
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at odds on how to rescue the euro as pressure mounts. susan to. come. and. see if he's. coming.
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soon which bryson if you move the sun from phones to the. police for instance on t.v. don't come.
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the headlines on our t.v. over thirty countries including the u.s. officially recognized the libyan rebel council as the legitimate governing authority reiterating earlier calls for gadhafi to give up power recognition allowed washington to sponsor libyan rebels with the money from could have these frozen assets from the u.k. phone hacking scandal gathers pace forcing the chief executive of the group owned by the mogul empire to question meanwhile questions arise as to why it's taken so long to confront the crisis despite pleas from knowing about many of the allegations he made his. people take to the streets to protest against looming cuts
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and it gets only by the latest e.u. country to be hit hard by the financial crisis says the parliament approved a key austerity budget in an attempt to avert a failed. so i don't believe isn't the goal found the rest of the sports with case next. hello welcome to the scores on day two of the open goals and these are the headlines. your we born the joint overnight leader thomas bjorn takes it out right one short leads one to listen to one under lights dating other. mild familial global ice russian champions tribute. to the champions league. and the victory that they use a period of extend his lead in such a rally insurance race. let's start with golf and join overnight leader thomas
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bjorn has taken an outright one shot lead on five on the are on the second day at the british open while our tom lewis has finished a one under after eating seventy four so the twenty year old is still in contention following a magnificent opening day lewis was playing in the same group a sixty one year old veteran told watson the man he was named after luis made for birdies in a row to set the lowest ever round when i was in the top of its one hundred fourteen year history an incredible first run for him and he can do no wrong he's five under par sixty five much of dane thomas bjorn you still it live on the world and you're sucking ground. explains him and as you finish his first round a shot behind on four in the car still on the same score as he approaches the turn the shot of the day was well that came from dustin johnson just coming out now holding one ahead of the sixteen for the american eventually end of the day even
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are in for over one point. there it goes well meanwhile the u.s. open champion and favorite rory mcilroy finished one over all the northern irishman is bidding to become the youngest open champion since eighty ninety three he had a poor start refocusing the first and third goal for the problem to come out of seventy one well new world number one luke donald also seventy one and both players are also now well into their second rants. but will now into time former russian champions really in prison have been drawn against ukrainian runners up dynamic here for the third qualifying round of the champions league which is a double header the first match is june later this month the draw has been announced if you wait for headquarters in geneva pretty against each other the two top clubs from the former soviet union for the second time in three years will be undone and i also met twice group stages in two thousand and nine the ukrainian outfit won the home tie three one zero holding government with the is mental goal
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the straw in design and neither of the two sides progress though losing managed to group winners barcelona eventual champions into milan. in the times past all are waiting in the next round of q three held next month however they next game is a friendly and the gunners have traveled to china helped a local team hangzhou green turn on saturday but before taking to the pitch the arsenal stars including robin van persie delighted and full of the storage chinese fans more than one hundred supporters were lucky enough to take a photo of course national geographic from their idols. now it's just two years to go before russia's first summer university games the ancient city of khazan surrounded another major coup and will also stage the world quite exchange rates in twenty fifteen the capital of the pakistan republic the soft competition from hong kong is one of the horror however the mexican city will take up the baton from present two years later this year's edition is cool sets to
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kick off in shanghai on saturday design is now a true sporting stronghold with the likes of football side regime as we heard and double ice hockey champions act boss providing domestic glory for the region is also being to be one of the highest where news during russia's twenty eight football world cup matches what is now in russia's insurance race the silk way rally is reaching its climax as the drivers edge their way towards the finish in the seaside resort of sochi poland's just off a lot richer leads at the car section after winning stage five which goes from applicant to starter poll over a couple of minutes ahead of frenchman time at the hands of one russian for their use carry it off continues to lead the truck section he was quickest during friday's seven hundred kilometer route to claim his second stage win. i mean some of the writers for this weekend's motor g.p. in germany have been checking out the sachsenring course but not on the bikes
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instead they were invited to get behind the wheel of a hop across africa with varying degrees of success europeans have a couple by their weapons to fix sun. well when others wanted to say tricky course the master wouldn't make a change in capital cases stoner trading leads the overall standings by nineteen points and hopes to extend that sunday's race as the season reaches the how they stage sectioning very technical very tight in the in the first half of the circuit and something you've got to get your lines right going to make sure the bike set up world to turn in the long corners with this sort of open and only the last part of the track that is really getting fast and flowing so it's a difficult circuit it's not easy after dealing with basic holes and dodging other whales to kite surface have entered the guinness book of records as the first people ever to surf from russia to alaska across the bering strait which has all the details. so you flew back on dry land and after almost three years of planning
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consent heenan you clearly have finally achieved their dream of kite surfing across one of the most inhospitable structures appear from the planet appearing straight. ahead you are back in moscow to tell the press about their adventures of a soon hope to enter the guinness book of records as the first kite surfers to complete this amazing feat was. really wanted to get our names in the record books and thankfully we managed to cross the bering strait which was also personal for me to choose such a feature really is something special. constraint jeana new guinea start of bankwest from the eastern most tip of russia and responsibly populated region of georgia and they would cover a distance of ninety six kilometers to alaska and the united states of america. pair have been planning their route for months trying to stun even various wind patterns and currents but they would encounter along their routes however when they
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finally got on the way they were hit by a major problem as they would have to cross the streets without the support they saw as the waters were too choppy for the boat to be able to set sail involved therefore you've got here to settle it filled with you with a number of the local co's count this is the only thing we had to go to be honest i get goosebumps thinking about words with deeds and it wouldn't recommend anyone to cross the streets without a support boat we had a girl and thankfully we managed to achieve it did you encounter many unexpected encounters along their proposed ninety six kilometer journey the water temperature was just one degree above freezing but that was to prove the least of their worries which was that if it is we knew there were killer whales in the sea we were constantly on the lookout for them and there were other whales as well and i actually had an interesting encounter with one i was surfing along and about seven meters in front of me a sora whale with about trying to jump over it but there was not enough towing in
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the endorse string to him who didn't get hurt in the process because i didn't know what the trailer seven hours on the water and i live still intact given constantine would finally reach alaska completing one of the greatest challenges and then lives in crossing the bering strait which one hundred feet r.t. moscow and finally staying on the water how far would you go to make your dreams come true well for one man there seem to be no limits as well traveling kayaker sounds sudden has taken this to the extreme and explore the rest as parts of the globe all to risk his life on the loose rivers on us as the story for us. all is calm and quiet it looks like paradise on earth but seems like these are rather an exception for a whitewater kayaker grueling rapids and plunge waterfalls these adrenaline junkies are after and the best of them all the young and very new zealander sam sutton has been looking for the ultimate challenge twenty two he's the reigning extreme
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kayaking world champion and he set out on a global johnnie to find the toughest waterway the reason so-called river called the world renowned niagara falls can spell certain death for a rower so some squares began in siberia russia were just faced with huge about's of what are you looking down these rivers in your face or the wall or you can't even see where you're going you can't see any of your teammates because you down in the hollow and it's just like pedaling it gets caught hair and you know it's just out there trying to take it out and you just got to be strong and get through it not want to settle for anything in between salmon coach was arguably the most modern river in russia called the bosh house filled with obstacles because a dark history of claiming people's lives but luckily for sam going down the brush talismans only a life changing experience had acquired but for the whole expression you're looking down at the river all of these emotions come from within and you're just thinking
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about friends that you lost in the river and what's really important to you in life you know at that stage you just see life pick your clarity with all the treacherous turns negotiated in the mountains sam moved on to iceland geysers are the first thing that made pop into mind but after the street was a full should be the other one some of them were higher than an eight story building so free falling off them and heat in the water again is not dissimilar to a car crash and survived and is what gives these man this softer thrills what survives come to your prayers reset and all those emotions that you just can't get that goal come through it's. this pool worth it you know the risk it differently was smaller than the rewards of the group is just so great the base it worth while if that wasn't enough some ventured further into the mexican jungle and it is there that the new zealander found she's really acknowledge the shocking blue waters of
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the cause who provide in the cascades of his dreams some even discovered i want to fold it had never been carved on before and should be happy at least for now but more defined adventures sure to come and build a show for. incredible stuff and that's all the school for now i'll be back with another update invest on a test time and. hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the take. down the official anti allocation queue i phone the i pod touch from the i.q. snaps to. one jaunty light on the go. video on demand oxys minefield costs and r.s.s. feeds now in the palm of your. question on the
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